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What is Diamond Art?

Diamond Painting is like painting by numbers. It is constructed with tiny sparkling plastic beads that resemble diamonds and adhesive plastic canvas. Diamond Painting is also called diamond cross-stitch, diamond dots, diamond art, and diamond embroidery. It is a kind of craftwork that people need to place the corresponding color beads in the correct position. The position and the color are linked by random symbols and the DMC color system.


The invention of the Diamond Painting has remained unknown. The modern diamond painting was invented by a China-based company, Guangdong Dazu Yueming Laser Technology Co., Ltd. The company invented a way to generate a canvas with printed drawing patterns. The company files a patent in 2009. Before the invention, the Diamond Painting crafter need to put the beads on the velvet canvas. However, the glue on the velvet canvas could not last long. And the beads can not stick to it firmly. Nowadays, Diamond Paintings are all made with plastic canvas.

Before 2017, Diamond Painting was not popular. According to google trends, the search volume for the keyword Diamond Painting was low. However, start in 2017, Diamond Painting becomes a high-volume search keyword.

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